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Pallets & tile profiles
PROTILE® Aluminium Pallets are specifically designed to suit PROTILE® extrusion machines.

Aluminium pallets, designed specifically for the PROTILE® extrusion machines, can take the extremely high forces under extrusion and keep the tile in the required shape while it cures.

Top of pallet Top of pallet
Underside of pallet Underside of pallet
Stack of pallets Stack of pallets

Once the tile has cured, the pallet and tile must be separated. This is done within the depalletor unit.

Depalletor unit Depalletor unit

Concrete roof tile designs combine our technical roofing knowledge with our manufacturing expertise.

The same roof tile machinery may be used to produce more than one product.

Standard profiles are available, such as Double Roman, but special tile profiles can also be designed to suit clients' specific needs. The extremely sought after Tuscan profile is also available and we are pleased to announce the addition of the Shingle profile, a beautiful upmarket tile with gentle undulations.

Eleven different types of ridge tiles and special fittings are available.

The most commonly desired tile profiles and ridge types are:

Roof tile profiles:

Ridge profiles:

  • Mono tile

  • Cloak verge tile

  • Gable roll
    Gable roll Gable roll

  • Hip (Cap) ridge

  • V ridge with tapered verge Hip starter

  • Tapered verge tile
    Tapered ridge Tapered verge tile

  • "V" ridge

  • V ridge with tapered verge "V" ridge and tapered verge tile

  • Half Round

  • Tuscan tiles with 3-way apex and gable roll with hip starter Tuscan tiles with 3-way apex and gable roll with hip starter